August 2020: Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize Final Exhibition Selection

Work 1: Beetle walking along finger live photo on bounce 12/13

This drawing is part of a series of works investigating how to explore the human-insect entanglement of a beetle landing on a finger through embodied drawing techniques particularly blind line drawing. Using live photo on an iPhone to record the experience afforded reflection and allowed the disruption of the memory and visual and non-visual information through play. An unpredictable and fleeting experience can now be discussed, shared, relived, explored and embedded through drawing, whilst at the same time promoting an important discussion on the role of the smart phone within individual creative natural history enquiry and drawing practice.

Work 2: Beetle walking along finger live photo on loop 13/13

This drawing again promotes contemporary natural history enquiry as being a personal creative and investigative practice experienced between human and non-human within a specific place and time. Contemporary drawing using a blind line allows exploration of the visual and non-visual experience and the sense of agency within. The role of the smart phone and the ability to reverse and repeat tiny insect movements by using live photo is an important aspect of my interdisciplinary practice research. Throughout my PhD I hope to contribute to and promote a fresh, dynamic, Neo-Ruskin approach to drawing within natural history enquiry.