About mark-making:

I believe mark-making and drawing to be an empowering (and enjoyable) tool as both a process and a product for learning about the shared world we live in… as well as being really good for our mental health as a way to understand our relationships with non-human animals.

Alongside Drawing

The drawing and mark-making alongside minibeasts within my practice research focusses on five categories: Feelings, Sounds, Movement, Meeting Places and Bodies. I use three main embodied drawing and mark-making processes: DWL (drawing without looking at the drawing whilst you make it), DES (drawing with eyes shut) and DMB (drawing moving your body).

A ‘non-containment’ model

Within my practice research I am developing the Alongside Model of Drawing and Mark-Making Practice as a ‘non-containment’ model. I am trying to evoke the agency of the minibeasts I encounter through my drawing practice. Within our encounters I am allowing the minibeast to dictate the terms of engagement as much as possible and am not capturing or containing the minibeasts I encounter.